South Dakota's 'unique flavor' is a fishy one. But it's sure better than Nebraska's.

South Dakota’s ‘unique flavor’ is a fishy one. But it’s sure better than Nebraska’s.

You voted. We counted. Here’s the top-10 list of businesses you want to see in Sioux Falls. Jeremy Fugleberg / Sioux Falls Business Journal. 636559494363149994-state-food-map.jpg. A datamap project between Foursquare and Mapbox mapped out the unique flavors in each of the 50 states. (Photo: …
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Does the noise ordinance need to be changed in Sioux Falls?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – City Council members held an informational meeting Tuesday to hear how residents and business owners have been complying with the current noise ordinance, in general, in Sioux Falls. The reason this conversation of the noise ordinance has come into light is because of the …
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